Why a Security System


Break-ins happen. It’s unfortunate and none of us ever want to experience that feeling of being violated in “our castle”. Like many things in life, you have to plan ahead to avoid disasters.

One of the most common questions we get is “why should I have a home security system?” The quick answer is that having a home security system makes your home far less likely to be a target of a crime while also notifying people of the event. Statistics show that by having an alarm system, you are two thirds less likely to experience a break-in. The longer answer to the question is how a security system can reduce the risk of a break-in and protect your family and property.

A properly designed home security system will DETER and DETECT a thief while ALERTING the authorities.

What does that mean?


Yard Signs and window decals will alert intruders to go somewhere else. FBI statistics show that your home is 3 times less likely to experience a break-in when you show you own a security system.


Security Systems DETECT when someone enters your home. If an intruder still attempts a break in despite the decals and yard signs, the system detects them. Detection is accomplished when a protected perimeter point (door / window) is opened, when motion is detected, when glass breaks, or when stress on the floor is detected.


Once detected, a siren sounds and the authorities are notified via a proper central station monitoring company. HELP is on the way in the form of police, fire department, and / or medical professionals.

Now that you understand what a security system can accomplish for your home and family, we can discuss the major reasons to own a system.



  1. Peace of Mind – Priceless – You and your family can sleep soundly knowing you will be alerted of any perimeter or internal events in your home.
  2. Safety – Systems have three main protection capabilities: Security detection, Fire Detection, and Medical Alert – The appropriate response is sent depending on the alert that is activated.
  3. Third Party Response – Whether you are home or away – someone will be notified.
  4. Lower Homeowner’s Insurance Premiums – Industry experience shows up to 20 percent discount for security and fire systems. 

If you are still thinking about purchasing a professionally installed system, consider reading about how the estimate process will go for the system. Not all companies are created equally.

So there is the long answer to “why should I have a home security system” – having a home security system is simply a wise investment in providing the safety and security you deserve.

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