Summer Home Security

Summer is the time that home owners can relax around the house.  Opening doors and windows for that summer breeze and visiting with neighbors, all the while leaving their home vulnerable to break-in.  With a few security precautions you can protect your possessions and family members.


Doors should be locked at all times regardless of where you are in your home or how far you wander.  With home automation, you can lock your doors remotely from your smartphone.


Remember to close all windows before leaving your home.  That cool breeze might feel good while sleeping, but an open window is also an invitation for intruders. Check with your Independent Alarm representative to see if window venting is an option on your system.


Always close and lock the door whenever you are not using your garage.  It will take only a few seconds for a thief to enter the garage and take those expensive tools.  It takes far less effort to do this than to replace all that equipment.


Lawn furniture, gas grills, bicycles, etc. on your back deck all attract thieves.  Either lock up valuable items or store them out of site in your garage or shed, when not in use.


While away on vacation make sure you practice good security habits. Don’t advertise your plans on social media or post photos while on vacation and stash your valuables somewhere safe.  Ask a neighbor or friend to check up on your house.  A Smart alarm system can automate the lights in your house to make it look like someone is home. The best way to protect your home while away is to have a home security system professionally installed and monitored.  We can help…call us when you are planning to be away and give us an alternate contact person in case your alarm activates.

A home security system discourages burglars and reduces the risks of a break-in.

Did you know that most home owner’s insurance policies give a discount if you have a monitored security system?  Call us today to find out more and get a free analysis of your home security needs.