Spring Security Tips – Time to Spring into Action

Spring is a good time to take a good look around your property and check on its security.  We have put together a check list of Spring Security Tips for you to keep your home safe and secure.

Lock doors and windows

A clean-cut lawn doesn’t just make your property look nice – it helps deter burglars. High, uncut grass is a sign to burglars that the property may be vacant.  Also, burglars like privacy…hedges give them hiding places.

Lock doors and windows

When the temps rise, it’s tempting to leave doors and windows open to let the fresh air in after a long winter, but you can bet an opportunistic thief is going to take advantage of your cracked window during those warm summer nights. Be proactive in your home’s security by installing window stops

Clean Outdoor lighting

Make sure your outdoor lighting is as bright as possible. If your property is dark, this is a good time to add more lighting to protect your home.

Lock your shed and garage

It’s tempting to leave your garage or shed unlocked while doing yard work, but it allows people to view all their contents and give unwanted access to your home.

Check your doors and locks

Change in temperature from winter to summer can warp your doors and the door frames. Test each door to make sure it cannot be easily compromised or kicked in.

Carefully plan for vacations

Create the appearance that you are not away.  Have neighbors take in mail, have lights on a timer, park a car in the driveway and don not post pictures of your vacation while you are still away.

Consider a home security system

It is a proven fact that home security systems are the best way to deter burglars.  Professionally installed and monitored systems give you the peace of mind 24/7, whether you are home or not, in the event of forced entry, fire, carbon monoxide and other dangers.

Independent Alarm is a family run local security and fire system company that has been providing peace of mind since 1978.  Let us evaluate your home or business’ security needs with a no cost, no obligation quote today.  Call us for more information at 800.322.4239

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