Construction sites can be difficult to keep secure given their outdoor exposure.  They are often vulnerable to vandalism and theft.  Here are some suggestions to minimize damage and theft of equipment, tools and materials. 

1.       A well-lit site cuts down the chances of vandalism and theft significantly.  Motion
sensitive lights work best and can make it appear as if the site is occupied.

2.       Develop a security plan and encourage all employees to be aware while working.

3.       Hire security officers to patrol the site during off hours.

4.       Assign one person to be in charge of all tools to sign them in and out.  Keep a tight
inventory and number or name them.

5.       Install locked storage sheds on the property and temporary lockable fencing around
the site.

6.       Immobilize all equipment with special locking systems.

7.       Do background checks on all employees.  Make sure the people who have access to your site are trustworthy.

8.       Issue only as many keys as needed or install an access control system that can track who comes in and out.

9.       Install monitored security cameras that have advanced technology that has the ability to catch intruders in the act and prevent others from coming back.  Smart systems can be managed remotely.

We can help you ensure that your site is protected and secure with a specialized, temporary construction site alarm system with monitoring.  Call us today for a free, no obligation analysis of your construction site or contact us HERE.  There are many low cost solutions to prevent your site from becoming vulnerable to theft or vandalism.

Spring Security Tips