School Protection System


In today’s world, a safe and secure educational environment is critical for stuchildbusdents and staff. In an emergency, schools need a system that can instantaneously alert all students and staff while at the same time sending notification to emergency responders quickly and reliably.

Independent Alarm can provide the security that parents and teachers are expecting at a cost every school district can afford. Do not wait until an emergency occurs in your school. Ask for a quote today for your upcoming budget meeting and find out just how affordable school safety can be.

Small push button transmitters are worn by staff, attached under desks and counters and even wall mounted in strategically located common areas. When activated, the system simultaneously alerts local authorities and the school occupants so that the school’s predetermined lockdown procedures can be initiated.



The School Protection System works with 3 major steps / components as outlined below:

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Do not wait until it’s too late to move forward protecting the future of your children. Contact Independent Alarm today to find out how affordable protecting your school can be.

Estimate / Installation Process

  • Initial Estimate – Meet with a professional consultant to walk through your school and discuss your school’s particular needs.

Topics covered will include:

  • Layout of the school
  • Scope of school protection needed
  • Review of existing P.A. system for integration
  • Amount and placement of wired panic buttons
  • Brief review of existing security and / or access control systems
  • Consult with your local law enforcement agency
  • Proposal Process –  Independent Alarm’s consultant will retreat to the office and develop a proposal for your school. This will be communicated via email or other electronic means.
  • Installation, Testing, and Tutorial

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Don’t wait until it is too late to move forward protecting our children’s futures.
Contact Independent Alarm today and find out how affordable it is to protect your school.