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An Independent Alarm access control system is a valuable addition to any business, clubhouse, pool, or high security area. Access control significantly increases the protection of your property, personnel, and other sensitive data. By choosing levels of security for each area, access can be granted or limited based on dates, times, and holidays. It also allows you to maintain tighter control over areas such as storage rooms, inventory warehouses, office equipment or pool bathrooms and pump rooms. Access control systems can also be integrated with your building’s security system to notify the police department of unauthorized breaches when the system is armed.

Providing an Independent Alarm card access system for your community or business is a wise investment in protection and peace of mind.

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Services Offered & System Options / Features Available

  • New Installations / Service Existing Systems – Regardless if you are starting from scratch or you have an existing system, Independent Alarm can help get your business up and running. No access control job is too small or large. Legacy systems can be updated and / or repaired. New systems can be designed from scratch.
  • Flexible Systems – Single Door to Hundreds of Doors – Access control systems are modular and can be done for one simple manager’s office door, for an entire campus, or anything in-between. The possibilities are endless. Ultimately, the system remains simple with one central location for managing the database.
  • Managed Database Services – Do you have high employee turnover or prefer not to pay your expensive IT personnel to manage your database of access cards? Outsource it! Our staff has the expertise and hardware capabilities to take over the management of your buildings’ access control systems. Free up your employees and yourself from the hassle!
  • Integration with Building Fire & Evacuation / Lockdown Systems – Access controlled doors can easily be integrated with existing systems to be “fail safe” or “fail secure” based on your building and businesses specific needs. In the event of a fire or evacuation situation, the doors can be automatically unlocked. In the event of a school lockdown, doors can be locked down with no credential access.



  • Scheduling Access by User Codes / Schedule – Users / card holders of an access control system are granted access via user levels which can be further restricted with schedules. This makes it easy to segment your employees based on where and when they should be in a building.
  • Contemporary Readers & Options – Do you have a specific contemporary look for your business in mind? No need to settle for outdated readers and interfaces. Independent Alarm offers various styles of readers to meet your needs. 
  • Encrypted Access & High Security Locations – Independent Alarm has the ability to handle basic encrypted reader / system configurations on up to HIGH SECURITY government installations. SECURITY IS OUR SPECIALTY!
  • Door Strikes and Mag Locks

Estimate/Installation Process

  • Initial Estimate: Meet with a professional consultant to discuss your building’s particular requirements. Intruders’ methods of gaining access to a building are constantly changing and evolving. Having a professional and licensed estimator come to your business will save you money down the road.

Topics covered will include: required high security areas, number of doors / rooms to be protected, card reader locations, IT support / integration, managed access control needed, door strikes vs. mag locks, and many more!

  • Proposal process: Independent Alarm’s consultant will retreat to the office and develop a proposal for your building. This will be communicated via email or other electronic means.
  • Installation, Testing, and Tutorial

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Over 35 years of experience is behind every commercial access control system we install. YOUR BUSINESS is protected 24/7 with a state of the art system that never takes a break. Rest assured that your business is covered with the highest quality equipment available today.

For over 35 years we have installed access control systems in countless industries including:

  • Restaurants, Bars, and Taverns
  • Warehouses and Industrial Complexes
  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Government buildings including Courthouses, Municipal Buildings, Federal Buildings, etc.
  • Strip Malls
  • Single Storefront Shops
  • Storage Facilities
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Over 700 Nursing Homes, Dental Offices and Doctor’s Offices
  • Senior Living Centers