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The Future is NOW with Facial Recognition!

Facial recognition has brought identification to a whole new level. Face recognition is a solution designed to recognize a human face without requiring physical contact. The solution runs through algorithms that match the facial nodes of a person to images that were saved in the database. Facial recognition CCTV cameras use multiple methods and technologies to detect faces, including 3D modeling, comparing faces in images or videos, analyzing entire faces or partial features, and so on.

Security of any organization or home can be enhanced by using facial recognition. The versatile nature of this technology makes it a good choice for added security.

In terms of physical security, facial recognition could be hugely beneficial to maintaining a building or a property’s security but there are many other applications for facial recognition for home and businesses as well. In addition to enhancing safety, face recognition systems open up new approaches to the development of practical strategies for home and business owners to adopt.


Face recognition can work as a means of access control to ensure that only authorized individuals gain access into homes or businesses. Keys or cards are no longer required, eliminating the risk of being lost or stolen. Entry can easily be tracked and monitored. Sensitive areas of facilities like labs, boardrooms, bank vaults, and training centers for athletes can now be made more secure. Some schools are now using facial recognition to prevent anyone entering who does not belong, eliminating the need for a manual check of credentials. This can also significantly cut down lines at security checkpoints.


Shoppers’ faces can be captured and compared to a database to identify people with a history of shoplifting crimes. Security can then be alerted to reduce risks.


You can now have customers pay for their purchases by scanning their faces as a payment option.


With facial recognition software, there is little way anyone can submit a fake ID for entry, purchase, or other uses.  It takes the burden off staff for identifying anyone trying to falsify their identity.


Many schools are using facial recognition to track attendance. Businesses can monitor when employees come and go, eliminating the need for time sheets or clocks.

At Independent Alarm, we have the latest technology available to protect your home and business. Call us today to find out more about Facial Recognition and schedule a free analysis of your security needs. Discover all the features that will protect you and fit your budget.​


New Law Requires Silent Alarms in Schools



On Wednesday, February 6th, 2019, Governor Murphy signed ALYSSA’S LAW into effect that requires all public schools buildings in NJ to install emergency light and panic alarms linked to local law enforcement. READ MORE HERE.

Schools will now need specialized support to implement this new law and Independent Alarm is ready, willing and more than capable of assisting the local public school systems in providing the systems that will meet the requirements of this new law. We have the experience and knowledge to guide districts and make proper recommendations to ensure they will be in compliance. At Independent Alarm we have always believed that it is of the utmost importance to help secure our community and to help provide a safe and secure environment for our children. It is with our knowledge of the latest technologies available that we can help the local school districts make our schools as safe as possible.

Call us today for your free, no pressure evaluation of your school’s needs by one of our experts. We can consult with your school district on your current security systems and make recommendations that go above and beyond the requirements of Alyssa’s law to help keep your schools safe.




Security System

What to Look For In a New Security System

Is it professionally monitored?

Professional monitoring is the gold standard of home security. If there’s a break-in or fire at home, a professionally monitored security system sends an emergency signal to a 24-7 monitoring station, where a trained security professional is on hand to alert your local law enforcement or fire department.

Will it withstand a burglar’s toolkit? 

Not all security products are engineered equally. To ensure you don’t entrust your safety to a security system that can be disabled with a hand tool, make sure it has:

Crash and Smash protection. A common burglary tactic is to smash a home’s security panel to prevent it from sending an emergency signal to the monitoring station. We can install technology that can recognize a crash and smash attack, and signal your monitoring company regardless.

Dedicated cellular connection. This type of signaling technology doesn’t piggyback on your home’s broadband or phone line, and so cannot be physically cut by an intruder. Select a security system with panels have a dedicated cellular connection with battery backup for power outages.

How many sensors does it come with?

Contact sensors are home security essentials; small devices that detect the opening and closing of doors, windows, drawers and more. Some security systems come with as little as two contact sensors, which is a problem. Burglars don’t just use the front and back door. An alarm company will work with you to determine how many contact sensors your home needs, and provide them as part of the package.

What else will this system protect you from?

New technology means that the best security systems can protect your home from far more than a burglar. A professionally installed alarm system can detect and respond to dangers like fire, carbon monoxide and water leaks. They can also save you time and money, tackling problems like energy waste, lost keys and package deliveries. They can even alert you when there’s unexpected activity around your house, such as your kids getting into forbidden areas.

Should the system be encrypted?

Not all wireless sensors are created equal. The most common wireless sensors are broadcast on easily identifiable frequencies and can be hacked after some quick internet research. Alarm systems with encrypted wireless technology may cost a little more but are much less likely to be hacked and will do a better job of securing your home.

Is it a proprietary system?

Some companies try to install proprietary burglar alarm systems that only they can service. This means that you are stuck with one company, even after your monitoring agreement expires. Do the research upfront and make sure you are purchasing a system that can be serviced by other companies. Don’t let an alarm company have a monopoly on your protection.

With the ability to respond to more dangers and challenges, even when disarmed, a home alarm system gives you more value in the long run.

At Independent Alarm we can help you with these questions and more to tailor a system that best fits your needs and budget. Give one of our experts a call today for a free, no pressure estimate.




Construction sites can be difficult to keep secure given their outdoor exposure.  They are often vulnerable to vandalism and theft.  Here are some suggestions to minimize damage and theft of equipment, tools and materials. 

1.       A well-lit site cuts down the chances of vandalism and theft significantly.  Motion
sensitive lights work best and can make it appear as if the site is occupied.

2.       Develop a security plan and encourage all employees to be aware while working.

3.       Hire security officers to patrol the site during off hours.

4.       Assign one person to be in charge of all tools to sign them in and out.  Keep a tight
inventory and number or name them.

5.       Install locked storage sheds on the property and temporary lockable fencing around
the site.

6.       Immobilize all equipment with special locking systems.

7.       Do background checks on all employees.  Make sure the people who have access to your site are trustworthy.

8.       Issue only as many keys as needed or install an access control system that can track who comes in and out.

9.       Install monitored security cameras that have advanced technology that has the ability to catch intruders in the act and prevent others from coming back.  Smart systems can be managed remotely.

We can help you ensure that your site is protected and secure with a specialized, temporary construction site alarm system with monitoring.  Call us today for a free, no obligation analysis of your construction site or contact us HERE.  There are many low cost solutions to prevent your site from becoming vulnerable to theft or vandalism.

Spring Security Tips

Security Systems Can Help the Elderly Stay at Home Longer

Seniors have unique needs when it comes to security.  Concerns about an elderly loved one’s physical safety can create anxiety for their relatives and caregivers.  There are a number of home security tools that can keep them safe while giving them their independence, many of which can be monitored remotely.


If a senior falls or takes ill in their home, often they have no means to call for help.  There are many alert systems that signal for help from a wireless call button pendent or wrist unit.  These systems immediately alert an emergency operator who will dispatch help.  Family, friends, neighbors, and caregivers can be alerted as well.  These can either be tied into an alarm system or function independently.


A monitored system offers an added layer of protection for seniors, alerting authorities and emergency responders when seconds count.  With a smart system, family members can be alerted as well if something happens and can check in to make sure that the system is being armed or if a door or window is left open or unlocked. 


You can check in on your loved one to make sure they are doing okay.  These can be viewed remotely on a phone, tablet, or computer.  If you don’t want to be so invasive, you can install a system with sensors that activate when there are changes in activity patterns.  These can alert you via text, email, or call.  Video can also aid in ensuring the quality of in-home care, like a nanny cam.


A Video doorbell allows your loved one to find out who is at the door without letting on that they are home alone, making them less vulnerable.  It can also be monitored remotely from any location with internet connection, using a computer, tablet, or phone.


While often on a fixed income, a smart system puts the home’s thermostat, lights, etc. on a predetermined schedule to save money and energy.  These can also be done by anyone who has access to the system remotely!




Modern security system technology means it is easier than ever for elderly persons to remain home while staying safe and independent.  Call one of our experts to find out how affordable and easy it is to plan and install a system that will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Let us show you options to allow your loved one to age at home with around-the-clock protection. 



Business Security

Is Your Business Really Secure?

It’s important to ensure the correct security is in place to protect you and your  business. Here is a check list to follow to make sure you are doing everything possible to secure your business, employees, and customers.

Secure Your Property

If you own a retail location, make sure all cash registers are securely anchored and password protected. Install silent panic alarms that can be triggered by employees during a robbery.

Consider using motion-detection technology as well as door and window sensors to alert you when particular areas are occupied or when doors or windows are opened.

When using padlocks on outside equipment, install them at least 8 feet off the ground so they are not easily accessed.

Install Proper Lighting

Bright lighting should be installed on all doors and parking lots to improve security for  your business and  employees. Ensure your business is clearly visible from the street so emergency personnel can find you quickly. Remember, burglars often target offices and businesses located in areas not viewable from the street.

Be Alert

Businesses should always be alert and vigilant. Two of the most vulnerable times are during opening and closing. It’s very important to pay close attention to both employees and those outside the company during these key times because thieves will try to take advantage of any distractions.

Alarm Systems

A modern alarm system with professional monitoring can do so much more than make noise to deter thieves. You can receive instant alerts to your smart phone or home computer and your local authorities will be notified immediately.

Set your alarm, if you have one. This sounds simple but the most sophisticated system will only activate if armed.

Assign unique alarm pass codes only to employees with opening and closing responsibilities. Consider an access control system that requires a code or key fob with an individual microchip. This not only deters criminals but also allows you to monitor the movement of staff. Explore the possibilities.

Fire Systems

There are strict fire protection codes that commercial properties need to comply with. A professional alarm company can help you navigate the intricate codes that are ever changing to avoid both fines and potential dangers. Learn More!

Employee Security

Train your employees on workplace safety, the procedures to follow if something goes wrong, and how to identify potential problems. Install a camera system throughout your building so you know who is entering and exiting at all times and what they are doing.

Shred Sensitive Documents

Don’t allow sensitive data or intellectual property to fall into the hands of competitors or others simply because of inadequate disposal of documentation. Invest in a secure shredding service or hire a company to come on-site.

Contact Independent Alarm to have one of our experts evaluate your business security needs. Our free, no-pressure estimates will help protect your business within any budget.  Call today!​




Are you looking for ways to tighten your budget?  Purchasing a smart alarm system may be more cost effective than you think.  While it might seem like a luxury, equipping your home with one of these systems is a sound investment rather than a splurge.  There are many reasons to consider making your home a smart one in 2018.


A smart thermostat that is powered by your security system can automatically switch you into energy saving mode even when you are not home.  You can even choose the option to add smart plugs and smart lights to your system giving you full ability to monitor the energy use in your entire house.


A smart alarm system has the ability to  detect such things as water leaks or burst pipes that if caught quickly can save thousands of dollars in repair cost.


A smart alarm system can help you minimize insurance claims…and insurance companies show their appreciation for that by discounting your premiums by up to 20%.  With a monitored smart system, a trained security specialist will alert the fire or police departments for you, 24/7, minimizing response times. 


Unlike DIY systems, you can get a professionally installed and monitored system in your home that is fully functional when your technician leaves.  No need to piece together a system yourself or try to figure out how to work the technology, you will get dedicated support with the ability to easily add functions at a later date.

Learn more about all the features that are available on our website.

Why not let the experts at Independent Alarm give you a free quote on improving the safety and function of your home?  Let one of our specialists evaluate your security needs and find the system that is right for your home and budget.  Call today at 800.322.4231 or fill out our easy web form.


Spring Security Tips


Resolve to be More Secure in 2018

Is your home, family or business properly protected?  Do you have peace of mind 24/7?  Make it a priority this year to evaluate your security needs and ensure the safety of your family and employees.  Here are some of the reasons why you should resolve to either upgrade your current system or install a new system for the New Year.

Protect your home and business from intruders According to a study of UNC Charlotte, when polling 40 convicted burglary offenders, 83% said they would first try to determine if the property was secured by an alarm system and 60% said they would look for another property to burglarize if the property was alarmed.

Protect your home and business from fires Approximately every twenty seconds a home fire is reported. A home alarm system can provide an early warning system for smoke in the home and the fire will be reported to the fire  department via your monitoring service, cutting down on response time significantly.

Carbon Monoxide monitoring – Human senses cannot detect carbon monoxide in the air. Therefore, people are often blind-sided by carbon monoxide poisoning that can build up over time. Don’t be caught off guard by this silent killer.

Professional monitoring 24/7 – A monitoring company will immediately alert authorities to your emergency, cut down response time and will alert you as well. Monitoring your alarm system adds another layer of protection to your property.

Save on insurance premiums – Many insurance companies will reduce your premiums up to 20% if you have a monitored  alarm system.

Keep an eye on your property remotely with a smart system  A benefit of home security systems is that they can help your home to be smart. In addition to the interactive services offered, a smart system can include light controls, door locks, thermostats, etc. These can all of which can be put on a schedule to reduce your energy consumption and provide an additional level of security.

Get medical assistance in the event of an emergency – Home security systems can be equipped with emergency  panics or medical alert pendants. With these emergency vehicles can be dispatched directly to the home when they are  activated.

Peace of Mind – Whether you are at your home or business or away, you can rest assured that your home is being protected and monitored for break-ins, fire, vandalism or other threats.


Independent Alarm can assist you in evaluating your security needs in the coming year.  Give us a call at                      800-322-4231 and let one of our experts come to your home or business and discuss how we can give you the peace of mind you deserve!





What is Sound Masking and Why Do You Need It?

Sound masking has been used for many years in financial, government, medical, educational, and judicial environments as well as any business that values speech privacy.  Sound masking systems produce an ambient sound and when properly engineered and installed they can reduce the audibility of other conversations, increasing privacy and eliminating distractions. It can be installed in both new and existing facilities and is a good way of alleviating acoustical problems without the need to do a large remodel of your facility.


A sound-masking system can help solve noise and speech-privacy problems, thereby providing an environment that promotes healing, provides auditory confidentiality, and supports proficient healthcare delivery.  It is very important for patients and clients to feel that their medical information is secure and not available to others visiting your facility.


For any work environment, noise disruptions affect concentration, can cause fatigue, and reduces efficiency. Acoustics are an essential component in creating a work environment leading to optimal work performance.  Additionally, in this day and age of identity theft, when discussing private matters with clients, you want to make sure their information is not overheard by others in your office.

At Independent Alarm, we have years of experience in providing the highest quality sound masking systems available. We can help you to design a system that will increase speech privacy, productivity, and comfort. Let us carefully help you select a system based on its performance capabilities which will ensure that your needs are met for years to come, no matter how your functional requirements change.  Find out more about our services!

Call us today for an expert analysis.




How Security Can Decrease your Business’ Liability Claims

Security systems can help a business save on insurance costs and lower their liability.  A professionally designed, installed, and monitored security plan can lower your costs in the long run and save you money.

Decrease Employee theft

The U.S. Department of Commerce estimates that employee theft in U.S. businesses amounts to $50 billion every year.  Video equipment is a big deterrent to anyone who is thinking of stealing from your business, whether an employee or customer.

Prevent fraudulent or bogus injury claims

With security cameras you can easily check the validity of individuals who allege accidents in or around your business or property. Installing a security system is much less expensive than a lawsuit.  According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, a business can lose 5% revenues each year to fraudulent insurance claims.

Premium Savings

Additional savings can be realized in policy costs themselves as insurance companies usually offer discounts to businesses who have security and/or fire alarm systems in place.  To take advantage of this discount, they often require the system to be custom tailored to your business by a professional security company and monitored 24/7 for maximum benefit.



Customizing a system to your business’ needs is very important to get the maximum security benefits.  Our professionals will visit your business or commercial property to perform a thorough security analysis at no cost to you.  Independent Alarm experts will determine your security needs that will fit your budget.