Security System

What to Look For In a New Security System

Is it professionally monitored? Professional monitoring is the gold standard of home security. If there’s a break-in or fire at home, a professionally monitored security system sends an emergency signal to a 24-7 monitoring station, where a trained security professional is on hand to alert your local law enforcement or fire department. Will it withstand a […]


Construction sites can be difficult to keep secure given their outdoor exposure.  They are often vulnerable to vandalism and theft.  Here are some suggestions to minimize damage and theft of equipment, tools and materials.  1.       A well-lit site cuts down the chances of vandalism and theft significantly.  Motion sensitive lights work best and can make it […]

Security Systems Can Help the Elderly Stay at Home Longer

Seniors have unique needs when it comes to security.  Concerns about an elderly loved one’s physical safety can create anxiety for their relatives and caregivers.  There are a number of home security tools that can keep them safe while giving them their independence, many of which can be monitored remotely. MEDICAL ALERT DEVICES If a […]

Business Security

Is Your Business Really Secure?

It’s important to ensure the correct security is in place to protect you and your  business. Here is a check list to follow to make sure you are doing everything possible to secure your business, employees, and customers. Secure Your Property If you own a retail location, make sure all cash registers are securely anchored and password protected. Install silent panic alarms that can be triggered by […]


Are you looking for ways to tighten your budget?  Purchasing a smart alarm system may be more cost effective than you think.  While it might seem like a luxury, equipping your home with one of these systems is a sound investment rather than a splurge.  There are many reasons to consider making your home a smart one in 2018. ENERGY WASTE A […]


Resolve to be More Secure in 2018

Is your home, family or business properly protected?  Do you have peace of mind 24/7?  Make it a priority this year to evaluate your security needs and ensure the safety of your family and employees.  Here are some of the reasons why you should resolve to either upgrade your current system or install a new […]

What is Sound Masking and Why Do You Need It?

Sound masking has been used for many years in financial, government, medical, educational, and judicial environments as well as any business that values speech privacy.  Sound masking systems produce an ambient sound and when properly engineered and installed they can reduce the audibility of other conversations, increasing privacy and eliminating distractions. It can be installed in both new and existing facilities […]

How Security Can Decrease your Business’ Liability Claims

Security systems can help a business save on insurance costs and lower their liability.  A professionally designed, installed, and monitored security plan can lower your costs in the long run and save you money. Decrease Employee theft The U.S. Department of Commerce estimates that employee theft in U.S. businesses amounts to $50 billion every year.  Video equipment is […]

Smart Alarm

A Smart Alarm System for Your Small Business is Smart Business!

AUTOMATE YOUR SMALL BUSINESS WITH A SMART ALARM SYSTEM You can better manage your business from a remote location, anytime, anywhere!  So take control today and let Independent Alarm give you the peace of mind we have been providing our customers since 1978.  Now, no matter how small your business, you too can enjoy facility automation like […]

Commercial Security

To Increase your Business Security, Follow These Simple Tips

Commercial security is critical. Since many businesses sit empty every night, you should have security in place to protect your inventory and facilities while you’re away. With employees and customers going in and out of your business, it is paramount to keep track of who is accessing your facility as well as keeping your employees safe.  […]