DIY Alarm Company Found to Have Misleading Advertising

NOT ALL ALARM SYSTEMS ARE CREATED EQUAL! Since their inception, a certain DIY alarm company has chosen to take shots at traditional alarm dealers while exaggerating their own products and services. Those with knowledge of the industry understand the differences between what is claimed and what is real, but for the average consumer it can […]

Summer Home Security

Summer is the time that home owners can relax around the house.  Opening doors and windows for that summer breeze and visiting with neighbors, all the while leaving their home vulnerable to break-in.  With a few security precautions you can protect your possessions and family members. DOOR SECURITY Doors should be locked at all times […]

The Future is NOW with Facial Recognition!

Facial recognition has brought identification to a whole new level. Face recognition is a solution designed to recognize a human face without requiring physical contact. The solution runs through algorithms that match the facial nodes of a person to images that were saved in the database. Facial recognition CCTV cameras use multiple methods and technologies to detect faces, […]

New Law Requires Silent Alarms in Schools

LET INDEPENDENT ALARM HELP YOU WITH ALYSSA’S LAW   On Wednesday, February 6th, 2019, Governor Murphy signed ALYSSA’S LAW into effect that requires all public schools buildings in NJ to install emergency light and panic alarms linked to local law enforcement. READ MORE HERE. Schools will now need specialized support to implement this new law […]

Smart Alarm System

Fight the Winter Blues With a Smart Alarm System

Smart Alarm Systems can Help Protect Your Home from Winter Disasters Winter can be challenging, especially when the weather does not cooperate. While some might think home security is just about preventing break-ins, a smart home alarm system can keep you aware and in control of a whole range of cold weather situations. Install a Smart […]

Security System

What to Look For In a New Security System

Is it professionally monitored? Professional monitoring is the gold standard of home security. If there’s a break-in or fire at home, a professionally monitored security system sends an emergency signal to a 24-7 monitoring station, where a trained security professional is on hand to alert your local law enforcement or fire department. Will it withstand a […]


Construction sites can be difficult to keep secure given their outdoor exposure.  They are often vulnerable to vandalism and theft.  Here are some suggestions to minimize damage and theft of equipment, tools and materials.  1.       A well-lit site cuts down the chances of vandalism and theft significantly.  Motion sensitive lights work best and can make it […]

Security Systems Can Help the Elderly Stay at Home Longer

Seniors have unique needs when it comes to security.  Concerns about an elderly loved one’s physical safety can create anxiety for their relatives and caregivers.  There are a number of home security tools that can keep them safe while giving them their independence, many of which can be monitored remotely. MEDICAL ALERT DEVICES If a […]

Business Security

Is Your Business Really Secure?

It’s important to ensure the correct security is in place to protect you and your  business. Here is a check list to follow to make sure you are doing everything possible to secure your business, employees, and customers. Secure Your Property If you own a retail location, make sure all cash registers are securely anchored and password protected. Install silent panic alarms that can be triggered by […]


Are you looking for ways to tighten your budget?  Purchasing a smart alarm system may be more cost effective than you think.  While it might seem like a luxury, equipping your home with one of these systems is a sound investment rather than a splurge.  There are many reasons to consider making your home a smart one in 2018. ENERGY WASTE A […]