DMP CentralStationAlarm, fire, and medical emergency systems are an integral part of saving lives, property, and livelihood in this day and age. Onsite electronic systems are only half of the answer to the equation. The Central Monitoring station is the integral part that ties together an alarm system’s signal and the appropriate police, fire, or EMS response.

Independent Alarm has one of the most technologically advanced and up to date central station partners in the industry: COPS Monitoring headquartered in Williamstown, NJ.


Our Central Station is UL Certified and has achieved numerous awards and certifications including Central Station Alarm Association’s “Central Station of the Year Award” for 2014. A network of SIX strategically located geo-diverse central stations provides repetition to ensure local conditions will not affect our ability to handle your emergency situation.

We have partnered with COPS Monitoring since 1978. COPS monitoring boasts the following credentials and attributes:

  • 6 Strategically located load sharing 24/7 staffed Central Monitoring Stations located in NJ, FL, AZ, TN, TX and MD
  • Off-site disaster recovery servers n NV for extra protection
  • Monitoring for Security, Fire, EMS, Video, & Environmental
  • UL Listed
  • NFPA Certified
  • CSAA-5 Diamond 2014 Award Winner
  • ESA (Electronic Security Association) Member


Alarm systems operate in various specific ways but overall the process with the central monitoring station is fairly simple and straightforward.

Central Station Monitoring Process

  1. An alarm is detected by a system on-site at a building or home. The alarm sends a signal via telephone line(s), cellular connection, or the internet.
  2. COPS Monitoring receives the signal, verifies the alarm condition, and alerts the authorities (if needed).
  3. Police, Fire, or EMS are notified and dispatched to the location of the alarm.


In the end, you can rest assured that your family, business, home, and property are protected 24 / 7. Contact Independent Alarm today to schedule an estimate or hear about having your home and / or business protected.